The Land

Help Protect Madagascar’s Coastal Forest

Sainte Luce Reserve offers the ultimate ecological experience. Located on an island-like peninsula, the reserve is bound by the Indian Ocean and white sand beaches to the east and winding freshwater rivers to the west, with lush coastal forests to the north and south.


The wildlife reserve is situated on one of the last remaining coastal forests in southeast Madagascar and gives volunteers unparalleled access to this picture-perfect environment. Explore the array of habitats within the reserve – from mangroves and wetlands to littoral forests and open grasslands – and discover the incredible plants and animals that share our home.


Our remote location provides a tranquil environment that is perfect for volunteer holidays in Madagascar. The nearest neighbours are located a canoe ride away in the village of Manafiafy or 18km down the beach in Itapera.


Volunteer with Sainte Luce Reserve to experience the beauty of this unspoiled coastal forest paradise and protect it from future development.