Volunteer Work

Meaningful Volunteer Projects in Southeastern Madagascar


Sainte Luce Reserve has a wide range of rewarding projects for helpful volunteers. The specific activities vary based on the season and needs, but all projects contribute to our mission to protect the coastal forest and its inhabitants.

Prior to arrival, volunteers receive a list of projects and goals for their time at the reserve. Your volunteer experience will be tailored personally for you according to your past experience, skills, and the work that needs to be done.

Almost anyone can volunteer at Sainte Luce Reserve and we will make sure that the work you do is appropriate for your level of experience, but don’t think that previous experience or knowledge is necessary. We have welcomed accountants, journalists, politicians, police, students, and free spirits. Everyone is welcome, and we look forward to learning from each other.

Volunteer Work

Volunteer Abroad with Madagascar Animals

Lemur follows.
Volunteers have the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with this incredible endangered species. Lemurs must be habituated with humans in order for us to track population sizes and health. Get to know these remarkable creatures and help make it easier for researchers to collect data when they visit the reserve.


Prevent Deforestation in Madagascar
  • Phenology monitoring. 
    Protect Madagascar’s coastal forest habitat from the impact of climate change, natural disasters, and deforestation. By collecting data about the flowering cycles of trees and shrubs on the reserve, volunteers help create better seed collecting programmes that promote reforestation, forest enhancement, and biodiversity.
  • Seed collecting and nursery work. 
    Help preserve this vital ecosystem by collecting, cleaning, and potting seeds of the most vulnerable and essential plants. Volunteers play a crucial role in recultivating the reserve’s endangered and underpopulated plant species as well as those that are necessary for quickly reestablishing dune vegetation after heavy seas.
  • Planting. 
    Tree planting is an ongoing part of our forest enhancement initiative. Volunteers plant trees throughout the year, with significant focus on planting efforts following severe weather. When working with mangroves, volunteers have the unique opportunity to travel with staff on canoes while working in the river.
Help Maintain the WIldlife Reserve
  • Construction and renovation. 
    Ongoing maintenance of the reserve is necessary in our environment. Volunteers help with upkeep of the signs, gates, buildings, and gardens on the property to maintain a safe environment for staff, researchers, and volunteers. Typically, the work is suitable for all volunteers, but we will notify you in advance if major construction projects are planned during your stay.
  • Trail clearing. 
    Three kilometers of trails provide a safe way for workers to travel throughout the property with minimal impact on the surrounding environment. It is vital that these paths are kept clear to help us monitor wildlife. Volunteers help maintain the paths and plant native plant species to promote a healthy forest.
Contribute to Environmental Education
  • Education. 
    Working at the reserve offers rewarding challenges, but it can often be physically demanding. To give our volunteers down time, we provide less strenuous environmental education projects. Work for the local school, design signage and education tools for illiterate adults, or create education initiatives for a much wider audience. We are happy to help volunteers develop education projects based on their specific interests.